What's new?

12 September 2023
version 0.0.12 of mfsbsd script released catering to additional environment OVH
7 July 2023
Editing /etc/fstab no longer needed on newer hardware with FreeBSD-13.2 improvements
27 June 2023
Slimmed down ISO for FreeBSD-13.2 release
27 May 2023
Updated for FreeBSD-13.2 release
8 April 2023
Based on confirmed supported servers and estimated count, between EUR500 and EUR2500 is spent monthly at Hetzner.
6 April 2023
Confirmed working on Hetzner AX41-NVMe
19 March 2023
Development ansible playbook depenguinme-ansible tested working on a 2 disk Hetzner host, using depenguin.me bsdinstaller
27 January 2023
Confirmed working on Hetzner AX101
19 October 2022
Confirmed working on 5 different models of server across 2 providers. Some servers need a little extra.
24 August 2022
IPv6-only hosts supported and confirmed working with some additional hoops.
23 August 2022
New ISO image with baked-in packages and ipv6 support. Version 0.0.10 mfsbsd script. Confirmation install success on OVH.
15 August 2022
Updated ISO image from builder code improvements.
13 August 2022
Version 0.0.9 mfsbsd script and updated ISO image. Unattended installs with bsdinstall.
12 August 2022
mfsbsd ISO image now has "mostly automated" bsdinstall.
11 August 2022
Version 0.0.8 mfsbsd script released. Future development roadmap starting to take shape.
10 August 2022
First user test reports, failures then successes. Post install steps documented.
9 August 2022
Github sponsors approval. Website improvements for readability and mobile.
5 August 2022
New image released with no boot delay.
3 August 2022
Started github wiki, QA process, added github actions. User feedback increased. Versioned. Supported servers list started.
2 August 2022
Adopted git submodule with mfsbsd repo. Published build script.
1 August 2022
Switch to apt install for qemu, with associated bios. Remove root password, mfsbsd user access via key only
31 July 2022
The script now uses the uefi.bin as bios and should support disk sizes over 2TB in size. Access via ssh key, no more remote root access
28 July 2022
A custom mfsBSD iso and img has been built for usage. Statically-compiled qemu linked to in the forum posts is used.