Ansible Playbook for FreeBSD-13.2

A developmental ansible playbook is available at

This playbook will install FreeBSD-13.2 to a server booted into the rescue console. It will destroy all data on the disks in the process.

Clone the repo

git clone

Edit inventory/hosts

Edit the file inventory/hosts for your server's FQDN and ultimate username on the installed host. Set SSH keys.

Boot your server into the Rescue console

Your server must be booted into the rescue console before continuing.

Please consult your service provider's documentation for the process.

Run the playbook

Provided your server is booted into the rescue console, you can run the playbook from your local computer:

ansible-playbook site.yml

Go get a refreshing beverage

Hydration is important, get something to drink while you wait for your server to become available.


As of 19 March 2023 this has only been tested with a two-disk Hetzner server, configured as mirror.